For almost a decade, DT2 New Concept – The Rapid Manufacturing Center has been providing rapid prototyping and small series manufacturing solutions to highly competitive industries that demand short lead times and require cost effective processes through state of the art technologies.

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We are committed to delivering high quality services quickly and efficiently. Our modern facilities feature the latest technologies to facilitate innovation and rapid solutions to stay abreast of the ever changing competitive markets.


Rapid Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process. With today’s short lead times from design to market,  this step allows designers and engineers to see high accuracy prototypes for verifying design, fit and function. Prototypes can be made in a variety of materials from plastic to metals using different technologies.


For fast-paced industries, timing is everything. With our rapid manufacturing solutions in small series, it is vital to have quick turn-around time. A small volume production is made to check design and function and is a cost-effective measure to avoid pains in future productions. Using advanced silicon mould and machining abilities, we provide high-quality service on time, every time.


We work with clients from a variety of industries and with a diverse breadth of products which require different materials and different prototyping techniques. Our technologies allow us flexibility to find creative solutions for industries that demand innovation and efficiency.


Rapid prototyping also saves lives. In this specialised area, maxillofacial and cranial bio-models are made with the collection of MRI’s, CAT scans and other medical images to accurately replicate a patient’s current condition. With these bio-models, surgeons are able to correctly plan strategies for surgeries.


In this diverse industry segment, versatility and flexibility are important to deliver customized design and functionality. Our portfolio ranges from electronics to sports goods to retail stands and a wide variety of consumer goods projects that have been from the most practical to the most complex.


As one of the main economic driving factors for the economies world-wide, we deliver nothing short of precision in a short time frame. The automotive industry increasingly demands rapid prototyping and manufacturing to be more cost efficient and ensure that final productions go smoothly.



If you need a partner for your prototyping and rapid manufacturing needs, please contact us. We have a range of solutions that can be customized to your specific requirements.

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